The primary function of the Fentress County Register of Deeds is to make and preserve a record of instrument required or allowed by law to be filed or recorded, including but not limited to deeds, powers of attorney, mortgages, liens, contracts, plats, leases, judgements, wills, court orders, military discharges, papers under the Uniform Commercial Code, and other types of instruments.  The records provide public notice of property ownership, liens and contracts, and other transactions that affect the public interest.  These records and papers must remain in the Register’s office at all times.

Fentress County Register of Deeds office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 4 PM.

Address Phone
101 Main St South 931-879-7818
PO BOX 341 Fax
Jamestown, TN 38556 931-879-4502
Trish Slaven
Trish Slaven