The Fentress County Clerk’s office is most often identified as the place where citizens get their license plate renewals.  Not only does the Clerk’s office handle license plates and registrations for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, and other vehicles, the Clerk’s office handles much more.  The Fentress County Clerk’s office is responsible for licenses that range from marriage licenses, business licenses, and beer licenses to notary public licenses.  The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for various other records.  The Clerk’s office keeps records of truck filings, records of each public official’s swearing and bonds, and minutes of county commission meetings.  Additionally, the Fentress County Clerk’s office collects and distributes funds for donor awareness as well as the collection and distribution of wheel tax funds.

The Fentress County Clerk’s office welcomes you to stop by and discuss the functions and services  of their office.

Address Phone
101 Main St South 931-879-8014
PO BOX 823 Fax
Jamestown, TN 38556 931-879-8438
Marilyn Stephens
Marilyn StephensCounty Clerk