Fentress County Executive Jimmy Johnson urges residents to respond to 2020 Census

This is a very uncertain time for our community and our society. The coronavirus COVID-19 response has already had a devastating impact on our economy. We must take care not to compound the damage by allowing the crisis to affect our future.

Perhaps the 2020 Census is the least of your concerns today because you may be struggling with lost income, a loved one at risk, fear of the unknown, or you are simply feeling threat anxiety as so many of us are. I urge you not to let apprehension or disinterest get in the way of being counted in the census.

Our county relies on federal funding to provide important services for the community. We receive a certain amount of money for every person counted here to fund our health department and hospital, our schools, and even the meals available to children right now while our schools are closed. Our law enforcement and fire protection services also count on federal funds, as do the library, senior center, and parks.

Each person living in Fentress County who does not get counted in the census means less money to provide services that everyone uses. The census is only taken once every ten years, so this is our only chance to get it right and improve our county’s resources for the entire decade between 2020 and 2030.

I’m asking you to look ahead to the next ten years. Take five minutes today to fill in the census form online at www.my2020census.gov or call the Census Bureau at 844-330-202 to answer the questions by phone.