We are here with both city mayors, Lyndon Baines and Pat Clark.  This morning we all participated in a conference call with Governor Lee and we want to reassure the community that the Governor is listening to us and communication is open.

Governor Lee was very grateful for all of the leadership that has been shown here in Tennessee.  He continued by saying what people do today will save lives or will cause lives to be lost!  Today is the day the curve changes in Tennessee.  Your life may be little impacted, but YOUR life may impact 10-12 people.

He also said that all of the positive cases in Nashville will impact rural Tennessee in the days to come and to take strong steps to be prepared.  All county business that can be done virtually or online should be. We need to help the population understand that things are going to get much worse and we will see hundreds of cases in the next couple of weeks.

The most vulnerable population will suffer if we don’t take drastic measures, 60+ immune compromised/ disabled and pregnant women.

If this is short lived, we will all still be glad that we took aggressive measures.   We don’t solve this crisis through government.  We don’t have to mandate behaviors because we call upon our communities to engage in a powerful way by not gathering.  Keeping the at-risk populations at home. 

The Governor concluded by saying that we are Tennessee and we do the right thing.   

In Response to the call this will be the preparations that Fentress County will be taking.

We will open the Emergency Operation Center on Thursday 3-19-2020 and we will be in constant contact with all emergency personnel.   As this progresses, we will have volunteers staffed at the EOC to help the at-Risk Community have access to volunteers who can deliver critical food or medical supply needs.


In addition, the Fentress County Courthouse will be closed to the public beginning Friday March 20th, 2020.   Our elected officials will still be in the office and will make appointments to serve you.  They will be available Monday – Friday 8-4.   Please call in advance so they can make arrangements to allow you into the building.   Their Contact information can be found at www.fentresscountytn.gov under the notice/ closing tab.

This will be in effect through April 1st.  We will re-evaluate at that time and update the public.

Additional State Resources are available to families who are in need.  Income limits have been raised to help you qualify. Contact your Dept of Human Resources at 879-9976.

You can also get assistance for Department of Labor online for unemployment.  Those services have been increased as well.

This is a critical time for our community leaders to set an example to others who may look to them for guidance on how to react and respond to this national emergency.

For guidance on Screening for Coronavirus please contact your Medical Doctor or the Health Department and they will give guidance for testing.   The state is working to make the rapid capacity sites available in rural area.

Please continue check on your neighbors and help them one by one.  Together we can,  and will get through this emergency.