This is County Executive Jimmy Johnson, after a meeting this morning with the Department of Health and with my advisory team, I wanted to give an update to the community in regards to the Covid19 response.  Fentress County at the time of this update does not have any positive cases of the coronavirus. Nor does any of our bordering counties. All decisions we are making are based on State and Federal guidelines and for the health and safety of our community, especially those who are most at risk such as the elderly and immune compromised populations. We will be diligent in ensuring that our Community is safe and that we continue to communicate with the public.  We will not be negligent in making decisions that are critical to the health of our community.  They may be tough decisions, but if we all will take a deep breath and work together, we will overcome this unprecedented time and will be stronger for it. Remember just as Fentress County does in any emergency, lets think about our neighbor and join together to keep everyone safe.

Beginning on Wednesday March 18th, 2020 the Fentress County Senior Center will be closing.  This includes all activities at the center.   The Meal Program will still be in operation, with a few changes to how the meals will be picked up.  If you are a meals on wheels participant you will still receive your meal like normal, no changes will need to be addressed.  If you are a member of the center and you eat your meal at the center then you will need to do the following.  Call the Senior Center at 879-7249 and reserve your meal for the next day (just as you have always done) at 11:30 a.m please drive up, stay in your vehicle and senior staff will deliver your meal to your vehicle.   We will re-evaluate the opening of the Center on April 1st and will make any announcement at that time.

The Fentress County Library will be open ONLY for checking out or checking in books.  Please use the proper precautions of handwashing/hand sanitizer and social distancing in the library.  The computer lab and public spaces in the library will be closed.  We will re-evaluate the opening of the Library again on April 1st and will make any announcements at that time.

We spoke with Signature health care again this morning and they are not allowing any public admittance and visitation is limited and by approval only.  They said their supplies are fully stocked and are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of any illness.

The Fentress County Ambulance Service is fully supplied and they are working very closely with state and federal authorities to ensure proper care is taken for all of the patients that are in their care. We have an excellent staff at EMS and they are working hard to keep everyone safe, just as they always have in the past.

Fentress County Govt. has canceled all non-essential travel and meetings.  County Offices such as the tag office, trustee, property tax assessor, and register of deeds are currently open, we encourage you to utilize our online resources to renew your tags and to pay your taxes.  You are welcome if you are well, please stay home if you are unwell.  County Offices will follow what is mandated from the State and Federal Government in regards to opening and closing.  This is a fluid situation; we are staying in constant contact with all officials and are following their guidance.

The Fentress County UT Ag Extension has cancelled all educational meetings through April.  You can visit their website to utilize their educational classes online. 

For local businesses, at this time we are encouraging all employers to take precautions to protect their employees and customers, we are asking that they follow state and federal guidelines and mandates in regards to opening and closing and how they are serving the public.

You can purchase your vehicle tags online at

You can pay your property tax online at