News: From the Desk of
J. Michael Cross
County Executive


     On Wednesday of last week, we met with TEMA Director Patrick Sheehan. With Patrick was David Johnson, TEMA District Coordinator, and TEMA Agent Todd Jones. During our discussion, we once again asked for TEMA’s help in obtaining additional Communications Towers and generators for Fentress County. During emergency situations, like the Ice Storm of 2015, emergency communications and generators to combat loss of power become critical. We appreciate EMA Director James Bilbrey for keeping our various county personnel and departments on alert with his training exercises and his continued efforts in upgrading county emergency equipment.

      With the upcoming ownership and leadership change at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, the ownership and usage agreement for the Helipad (directly behind the Hospital) became under scrutiny. Additionally, we became aware that to meet FAA Regulations, we needed additional signage and some much needed maintenance (Paint) for the Helipad. With the help of Facilities Manager Dwain Matthews and Fentress County Jail Trustees, the needed repairs were completed. We want to thank the Sherriff’s Department for their help with upgrading the Fentress County Helipad.

     On Thursday afternoon of last week, the Fentress County Industrial Development Board in conjunction with Tennessee Department of Economic Development and TVA, held an “Economic Development Workshop” in the ECD Conference Room at the Courthouse. With several interested community leaders and county officials present, Stephanie Johnson, Judith Huff, and Katrina Shirley and Cody Huddleston of ECD presented an informative Power Point Presentation. We appreciate the efforts of IDB Manager Scott Sandman for organizing and moderating the workshop. This “Workshop” was the first of several planned training sessions over the next few months. For additional information, contact Scott Sandman (gro.s1534673626sertn1534673626efdra1534673626wrof@1534673626namdn1534673626as1534673626)  or the County Executive’s Office.

     We can be reached at 879-7713. Executive Assistant Amanda Hicks can also be reached at vog.n1534673626Tytnu1534673626oCsse1534673626rtneF1534673626@skci1534673626H.adn1534673626amA1534673626. County Commission Meetings are held every third Monday at 6:00 p.m. following a 5:00 o’clock work session. All meetings are open to the public.