From the Desk of
J. Michael Cross
County Executive

Last weekend, several of our family and friends were exchanging favorite stories and antidotes’ from our childhood memories and experiences. One of mine revolved around my dad, his love of food, and his love of just driving around and enjoying the scenery. In my early childhood, our family lived on the Rock Quarry Road in Clarkrange. My father worked at the Rock Quarry, where he walked to work each day carrying his black lunch box with his thermos full of strong black coffee. Lunch varied from a bologna sandwich to a cold egg in a cold biscuit. My dad earned a hefty fifty cents an hour ($20.00 a week to raise a family of six).

In spite of our family’s meager income, my dad tried to take us all out for a treat about every two weeks or so. When money was really tight, my dad would take us to Alvin Ashburn’s gas station in Clarkrange. There he would purchase a six pack of Pepsi Cola’s for a hefty 60 cents, and six packs of peanuts for another 30 cents. Ninety cents (NO Taxes) treated the entire family. When things were a little better, he would take us to the Dairy Queen in Jamestown or Monterey. Hamburgers were 20 cents, hotdogs 15 cents and a small Coca Cola was 5 cents. Five hamburgers, one hotdog (momma’s favorite) and six small cokes later ($1.45 for a family of six) and the entire family was happy.

Another great memory involved my dad’s love of fishing. When they got rained out at the rock quarry, my dad would rush home and say “Son, dig some worms, we’re going fishing”. Dutifully, I would dig enough red worms to fill 2 Prince Albert Tobacco cans, which my dad placed in his shirt pocket. We then walked in the rain about a mile and a half to the “Blue Hole” on Clear Creek. Sitting under the bluff, we fished for sun perch, catfish and the occasional bass. Kept them all (My dad loved fish). Our fishing poles had been cut from sapplings and equipped with a braided fishing line purchased from Creason’s Grocery. Each line came with a hook, sinker and bobber. We always left our poles under the bluff to be used on our next adventure.

As we exchanged stories, we realized that the greatest gifts from our childhoods were the special memories. Sharing those memories let each of us relive and share the experiences. Thanks, mom and dad.

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