From the Desk of

J. Michael Cross County Executive

The Story of Bobby Nolan and Richard Maynard:

Bobby Nolan, retired Military and Security Specialist called me wanting to go to Florida to help with the Hurricane damage. Bobby had his horse trailer, chain saws and fuel, and wanted to stay a week working….cutting trees from houses and roadways. He wanted our help in loading his trailer with supplies.

Thanks to the great generosity of Bill Potter, Teresa Smith, Potter’s Home Center, Edgar Parker and Parker Charcoal, we had 2 pallets of water and travel expenses for the trip. With local donations, the load was topped off with Food and Clothing. Thanks also to D & D Auto Parts, Universal Pest Control, Union Bank and neighbors in the White Oak area.

Just before leaving, Richard Maynard (total stranger to Bobby) volunteered to go as well. Both driven by the desire to help, the need to give to those in need.

Now for the trip. First tire blows out on the Interstate. They limp in to a gas station where a man and his wife are sitting on the tail-gait of their pick-up truck. As if waiting their arrival, the man offers to change their tire at NO charge. Second and third blow-out at 1:30 in the morning in Southern Georgia. As they pull in to a closed service station, a man stops and directs them to a Walmart Tire Center nearby which led them to a Firestone Store where they purchased their third tire of the trip.

Running low on money, they continued with Faith. Then came a call from one of Bobby’s friends who wired $150.00 to them and told them about an area that needed help. They landed in a small community of mostly immigrant farm workers who had no help from any of the Federal Agencies. They handed out Food, Water and Clothing to a tearful community. They worked for a ninety year old Veteran who met them with tears AND a home cooked meal. They cut the trees from the home, yard and driveway of a gentleman with only one leg whose wife was wheelchair bound.

Though laboring mightily with their chainsaws, the most significant part of their trip was their Spiritual Journey. Discussing God’s Providence and Guiding Hand, Bobby and Richard returned changed. The duo’s outlook on the world was significantly altered. Bobby called and thanked me for helping them get started on one of the greatest adventures of his life.

These are among the most significant and memorable moments that we experience as County Executive. For that, I thank Bobby, Richard, all those who contributed to their journey, and to my community for giving me this opportunity to serve.

Nest week, notes on the Commissioner of Agriculture, Jai Templeton, and his visit to Fentress County.

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