From the Desk of J. Michael Cross County Executive

The Cross Family Christmas – 2016

     My family originally lived on the Rock Quarry Road in Clarkrange and survived on very modest means (we were poor). However, the four Cross children had a very happy childhood. Our parents were proud of their children and documented every part of our lives, mostly through pictures. In her 85 years, my mother collected and saved pictures from every event, birthday, reunion, holiday get together, Christmas, school happenings and many other random moments that occurred. 

     This Christmas, my daughter Allison helped my sister Judy Linder and husband Reed go through dozens of boxes of family photos. They scanned, copied and sorted through thousands of pictures that spanned seven generations of the Cross Clan (literally 100’s of hours of meticulous work). They then separated and created a Family Album for each of us. Mine has over 70 pages featuring almost 400 pictures that follows my life from birth to the present. What an Awesome gift!

     I spent several hours showing kids and grandkids “The Life of Pa”. From one week old, to a first grader, to all my school pictures, to college and married life. My hair from a “Burr Cut” to a “Flat Top” to an “Afro” to the “Beatle Cut” to a long “Rock Band Cut” to “A Touch of grey”. Being voted “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Biggest Flirt” as Senior in high school. Photos of grandparents and great grandparents, uncles and cousins, neighbors and friends, it was all there….and documented. Denial was not an option.

     There were many memories of my dad and my sister recalled and celebrated. James E. Cross and Sandra Beaty Cross left us too soon. We remembered my dad’s jokes, antics and funny stories. We also remembered him as a family leader and a Christian. We shared Sandra’s loves, passions and hobbies with her sons and their families. There were laughter as well as tears. There was my sister Judy’s recalling my mother’s fondness of keen switches as a parenting tool. My mother strongly denied this of course (We thought for years that we were part Zebra).

     This was Christmas steeped in the memories of childhood. Memories, laughs, reminiscence, stories, ribbing and a little bit of mocking. A few tears. No thoughts to tinsel, trees and presents. The food was great, but of secondary significance. (Momma blessed our meal with FIVE generations present). A full house, blessed by God. Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a very happy upcoming New Year.

     And lastly, in the words of my four year old Great Granddaughter Skyyler Jones, “Best Day Ever”.

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