From the Desk of
J. Michael Cross
County Executive

     Good news from FEMA came last week as the county received a deposit in the amount of $842,218.28. Coupled with the previous amount received of over $1,049,000.00 a few weeks ago, Fentress County has now received 90% of the clean-up cost from 2015’s Ice-Storm Pandora. The final 10% closeout payment is expected soon once FEMA closes out the project. Thanks to the hard work, due diligence and documentation of “Team Fentress”, we have received our funds ahead of many of the surrounding counties.

     We will be announcing a Fentress County Government Day in the next couple of weeks where County Commissioners and guests can “tour” some of our governmental offices. Current plans include the Fentress County Ambulance Service, the Fentress County Justice Center Court Offices, The Sheriff’s Department and Jail, the Fentress County Solid Waste Department and their Recycling Center, the Fentress County Finance Department, the Fentress County E-911 Center and the elected offices of the Fentress County Courthouse. The purpose of the tour is to get a hands-on feel as to workload, responsibilities and many job requirements of each office or Department. We look forward to an enjoyable and learning experience. It is our responsibility as the stewards of your tax dollars and as the budgeting branch of Fentress County Government, to fully understand the inner workings of these integral parts of our County.

     We recently received an extension and addition to our “Energy Efficiency Lighting Grant” from TDEC to replace the lights and fixtures in the Fentress County Solid Waste Department and the Fentress County Finance Office with new LED bulbs. With this addition, Fentress County should save between $7,500.00 and $8,000.00 a year in electrical charges. We wish to express our thanks to Fentress County Grant Writer Amanda Mainord for her work with TDEC and TVA in this endeavor.

     We recently spoke with Joe Martin of Martin Roofing concerning the replacement of the roof on the Fentress County Courthouse. Mr. Martin and his crew expect to begin the project within the first part of July.

     With the help of the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce and a donation from the Fentress County Education and Community Enhancement Foundation, we plan to install a “Fentress County Community and Economic Development Conference Room” in the Small Courtroom of the Fentress County Courthouse. This Conference Room will provide a multi-use facility for the community, local businesses, organizations and branches of Fentress County Government to conduct a variety meetings and venues. This coincides with the building of a Fentress County Economic Development Website that is currently being designed by the “Design Sensory” team from Knoxville and the Fentress County Government website that will be launched later this month.

     We can be reached at 879-7713. Executive Assistant Amanda Hicks can also be reached at ten.s1527141050ekalw1527141050t@skc1527141050ihadn1527141050ama1527141050. County Commission Meetings are held every third Monday at 6:00 p.m. following a 5:00 o’clock work session. All meetings are open to the public.