One of my good friends always refers to Thanksgiving Day as Pilgrim Aggression Day. While I appreciate his humor, my family has always focused on the many blessings that we have shared throughout the year. It’s a time to consider God, family and friends. My dad always encouraged each family member to simply reflect on the experiences of the past year in the privacy of our own thoughts. Here’s hoping that we all enjoy this season of thanksgiving for all the right reasons.

In the past few days, several people have asked me to describe my philosophy as to leadership style. The remainder of this week’s column is devoted to providing the overall methodology of Myself, Executive Assistant Amanda Hicks and our County Commission as we try to guide Fentress County into the future.

Open and Transparent Government: We are trying to document everything we do and to be in compliance with all state and federal laws and statutes. We have made available to the public all records and all financial transactions, and invite comments and ideas as well as constructive criticism.

Communication: We have continued to focus of providing a positive and constructive work environment, and try to compliment or praise our hardworking staff and personnel. Employees who want to come to work are much more productive and happy.

Teamwork: When every person within an office or department feels that they are an integral part of the team, work is a joy, not a pain. Teamwork leads to confidence, competence, professionalism, honesty and enjoyment. When co-workers genuinely care about each other, things get done.

Management Style: We are not micro-managers. Surround yourself with good personnel that you have confidence in, and just let them do their jobs. No one can adequately do their job when they feel that they are constantly under a microscope or being second guessed.

Executive Assistant: The most important hire for my term of office was finding a good Executive Assistant, with qualities consistent with mine. Important considerations included: sharing a vision for Fentress County’s future; one who encourages, uplifts and anticipates; one very secure in their Faith; a sense of partnership; and one who is always guaranteed the freedom of expression.

We can be reached at 879-7713. Executive Assistant Amanda Hicks can also be reached at *protected email*. Our County Commission Meetings are held every third Monday at 6:00 p.m. following a 5:00 o’clock work session. All meetings are open to the public. Any questions concerning county or departmental budgets may be directed to the County Executive’s Office or the Finance Department.